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CLAY (Crumlin Lower Advancing Youth) GYDP

Contact Details
Address: 31A Crumlin Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12
Telephone: 01 416 3418
Opening Hours:
Main Sources of Funding and Associated Bodies
Main Sources of Funding: Irish Youth Justice Service

Associated Bodies: CLAY Ltd.

Project Description
Garda Youth Diversion Projects (GYDPs) are community based, multi-agency, youth crime prevention initiatives which primarily seek to divert young people who have been involved in anti-social and/or criminal behaviour. They provide suitable activities to facilitate personal development, promote civic responsibility, and improve long-term employability prospects. The projects may also work with young people who are significantly at risk of becoming involved in anti-social and/or criminal behaviour.

Each GYDP has a Project Committee which is responsible for advising on and approving project planning and strategy, and monitoring and evaluating project performance. Each Project also has a Referral Committee which decides on participants for inclusion in the project.

Programmes and Services can include
"A Life of Choices" Programme "Big Brother Big Sister" Mentoring Programme
"CHART" (Changing Habits and Reaching Targets) Programme "Fred Goes Net" Early Intervention Programme
Crime Awareness Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
Education and Training Employment Preparation
Personal Development

Additional Information
Eligibility Criteria: See Project Description
Target Age Group: 12 - 17 years
Area Covered: Lower Crumlin

Evaluation/Guidelines/Reports relating to this Project
Designing Effective Local Responses to Youth Crime: A baseline analysis of the Garda Youth Diversion Projects Click here for Link
National Youth Justice Strategy 2008-2010 Click here for link
Garda Youth Diversion Projects – Operational Requirements Click here for link
Community Programmes Progress Report 2009-2011 when approved by the Minister
GYDP Progress Report 2009/2011 Click here for link